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Dyslexia News

"Transition From Primary to Secondary School"

with Pauline Bridges at the Sir Joseph Williamson Maths School on 12th May at 7.30pm. This excellent talk was well attended by parents and teachers.

Dyscalculia - Assessment and Intervention

By Patricia Babtie
Co-author of “The Dyscalculia Solution: teaching number sense”
Sir Joseph Williamson’s Maths School Rochester Wednesday 11th March 7.30pm
“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” Confucius
Patricia will talk about the key indicators of dyscalculia and practical ways to help pupils learn to understand numbers by using multi-sensory methods.
There will be suggestions for games and activities that parents and teachers can use to make numeracy enjoyable and rewarding for pupils. This excellent talk was attended by over 60 people.

Please download the flier from the home page

Adult Spelling Workshop

10am on 28th February at the Sir Joseph Williamson M aths School Organizer Julie Sweeting

This will be a ‘hands-on’ workshop, where participants will be able to try out different spelling strategies and take away lots of practical ideas.

Click here to download a flier

"Making Learning Memorable in Dyslexia Friendly School

Talk by Dr Kate Saunders CEO of the British Dyslexia Association

Sir Joseph Williamson’s Maths School Rochester   Tuesday 12th May at  7.30pm

This inspirational talk was very well received by all who attended. It was a complete sell out; unfortunately we could not accommodate all who wished to attend.

Dr Saunders


The Big Picture Re-thinking Dyslexia

This was a sell out so we are screening the film again - Second screening 18th June

Directed by James Redford
Sir Joseph Williamson’s Maths School Rochester   Tuesday 1st April  7.30pm
The film is 51 Minutes duration
Directors Statement:-By conservative estimates one in five people are dyslexic. Although very bright and often highly creative, they have a difficult time making sense of written language. I know a little about this paradox. My son, Dylan, is dyslexic
YouTube Trailer:-

Spelling Strategies - A Practical Workshop for Adult Dyslexics

On Saturday the 9th November Julie Sweeting ran an excellent practical workshop for adult dyslexics. Tables were arranged in the room so that those attending could move around the room and try out the different spelling strategies. A clear explanation was placed on each table and Dyslexia House members were there to help individuals as they moved round the room.

This was an interesting and enlightening workshop. Attendees left with numerous practical strategies that would help them improve their spelling.

4th AGM

14th July 2013 - Once again we had beautiful weather for AGM and annual BBQ. We had a good turn out of members and friends of Dyslexia House. We had four events during the academic year at the Maths School and we are very grateful to them for allowing us to use the school for our events. Our next events will be a spelling workshop in September and a writing event in October.


Phonics Talk By Joanna Jeffery

35 teachers and parents attended Joanna's talk at the Maths School on the 26th June. Joanna is a very entertaining speaker,  she made us all think very hard about a students self esteem and although structured phonics teaching was very important dyslexic students often felt threatened when asked to read. She stressed the importance of making reading fun. All the participants then had the opportunity to try the Trugs card games, which Joanna has designed to build students' reading skills in a non threatening way.

Family Fun Day

Fourteen people attended our family fun day on the 31st May at the Cyclo Park Gravesend. The weather was beautiful and a good time was had by all. The staff at the Cyclo Park were very helpful, we would like to thank them for their support.

Cyclo Park             Cyclo Park

Adult Dyslexia Workshop:"Planning for different types of writing tasks"

We had a good turn out for Jacqui's talk at the Maths School on the 11th May. We will be running further workshops for adults, so keep an eye on the website, we advertise future events on our home page.

Adult Dyslexia: Employment and College/University

Speaker Margaret Malpas Chair of the British Dyslexia Association
Sir Joseph Williamson’s Maths School Rochester  Thursday 7th February

Over fifty people attended Margaret's talk which was very well received.

Margaret addressed the needs of dyslexic adults at College/University and in the workplace and talked about what help is available through “Access to Work” and the “Disabled Students Allowance”.

British Dyslexia Association AGM and Members Open Day 2012

The BDA Member's Day was well attended. Judith Northwood-Boorman and Anne Powell both attended.

There were four excellent workshops. Margaret Malpas talked about "Workplace Needs Assessments" Dr Kate Saunders talked about "How Dyslexics Learned" and Katrina Cochrane talked about "Helping with Organization". Arran Smith and Alan Turner held a puppet workshop for the children.

After Lunch there was a talk entitled "Inspiring Dyslexics", the speakers were Jonty Hearndon (Television Presenter) and Arran Smith.

AGM - Dr Kate Saunders Chief Executive Officer updated us on what the BDA had achieved in the last year, Margaret Malpas talked about the BDA's plans for the future and Jim Malpas brought us up to date with the latest financial situation.

Dyslexia Awareness Week 2012

We were again at Mid Kent College to celebrate dyslexia awareness week from the 8th to the 11th  of October.

This is a special year for the British Dyslexia Association as it is 40 years since the Association was founded. Over the last 40 years our understanding of dyslexia has improved, but there is still much to be done to ensure that all dyslexic people are able to fulfil their potential.

It was great to talk to the dyslexic students at the college who said they were getting more support for their dyslexia.

Study Skills Talk 29th September at the Maths School.

We had a good turn out for our Study Skills talk on 29th September 2012

The Sir Joseph Williamson Mathematical School Rochester

For more details download a flier

Hampton Court Flower Show Gardens with a Dyslexia Theme

There were two gardens at the Hampton Court Flower Show this year with a dyslexia theme, one was Dyslexia Actions' garden "Over Coming Barriers" and the other was "thisisme" by James Callicott who is himself dyslexic. Garden

James' garden examines dyslexia and the wider effect it can have on an individual. A stream that runs through the garden illustrates the many ideas dyslexic people have and an enclosed seating area depicts the isolation dyslexics often feel.

Dyslexia House Association AGM and BBQ

Dyslexia House Association held its third AGM and BBQ on Saturday 23rd June, the weather was fine and we had an excellent turn out. We are planning more open events for the coming academic year so keep visiting the site for more details.

ICT Hands on Session for Parents, Pupils and Teachers.

23 Parents pupils and teachers attended our ICT hands on session at the Sir Joseph Williamson's Maths School on the 12th of May.

Dyslexia House Association would like to thank the Sir Joseph Williamson's Maths School for providing the venue.

Dyslexia - The Importance of Early Identification

Over 200 parents and teachers attended Dr Michael Thomson's talk Dyslexia - The Importance of Early Identification. Dyslexia House Association would like to thank Dr Thomson for his excellent talk and the Sir Joseph Williamson's Maths School for providing the venue.

We would like to thank the British Dyslexia Association  who came to inform us about the "Parent Champions" initiative. 

We would also like to thank the representatives from Pearsons, Raintree and Lexia for attending and Phonic Books, Dancing Kites, Barrington Stoke and Rising Stars for supplying dyslexia friendly books for us to put on display.

School Hall


The Dyslexic Hero's Journey by Kenneth James Gordon  now on Kindle as well as a paperback.

The main emphasis of this book is on counteracting the lack of confidence and feelings of low self-esteem encountered by many dyslexics and others with learning difficulties. The book brings a vision of hope to all of those who care for young people with dyslexia or other learning difficulties as well as to adults who have not fared well in the educational system and may wish to return to it.

Anthology of Dyslexic Writers

We would like to bring your attention to a book called Forgotten Letters. It is an anthology of dyslexic writers (ISBN 978-0-9570330-0-9). It brings together contemporary dyslexic writers, both renowned and emerging. This is a first - traditionally dyslexia is considered a linguistic and written disability. Despite evidence that suggests many prominent figures have been dyslexic the myth perpetuates. This anthology seeks to dispel this belief by focusing on the established knowledge that dyslexics are creative rather than support the misconception of deficit. It gives dyslexic writers a literary voice.

It includes work by Jeanne Betancourt, Sally Gardener, Benjamin Zephaniah, Philip Schultz and Thomas West, author of In the Mind's Eye. Professor Galaburda, a leading specialist of dyslexia at Harvard University and neurologist, described it as "Marvellous. There is so much intensity in it that it must be hot to the touch”.

Dyslexia Awareness Week

During Dyslexia Awareness Week 31st October to the 4th November we had a stand at Mid-Kent College. We talked to dyslexic students and those who thought that they might be dyslexic, as well as non dyslexic students who just wanted to know more about the condition. The staff were interested in speaking to us about what they could do to help the dyslexic students in their classes.

We handed out leaflets and free software demonstration disks so that students could try out a selection of software aimed at helping dyslexic learners. We would like to thank Mid Kent College for giving us this opportunity. We would also like to thank the British Dyslexia Association, Claro, Crick Software, Text Help, iANSYST and Activise for providing us with fliers/catalogues and demo disks.

Mid-Kent College

British Dyslexia Association AGM and Members Open Day

The BDA Member's Day was well attended.

Dr Lindsay Peer CBE gave an inspirational talk.

There were four excellent workshops in the afternoon. Rachel Ingham - Dyslexia and Memory, John Mackenzie - Dyslexia and the Law, Andy Fell - Assistive Technology and Jon Adams - Children's Workshop - Flags.

AGM - Dr Kate Saunders Chief Executive Officer updated us on what the BDA had achieved in the last year and plans for the future.

What is Dyslexia? Talk by Julie Sweeting

62 parents and teachers attended our first open meeting. Dyslexia House Association would like to thank Mrs Sweeting for her excellent talk, the Sir Joseph Williamson's Maths School for providing the venue and the members of the Association who came to help at the event.

Rugby Novel

In a change of sport, Tom Palmer has a children's rugby novel coming out in
October. Scrum! is published by Barrington Stoke to tie in with the autumn's
rugby union world cup (but the story is about league too!).
Tom has a new FREE Rugby and Literacy Pack which includes Reading
Comprehensions and Literacy Exercises FREE download :

Dyslexia House AGM and BBQ

We had a good turn out for our second AGM on Sunday the 12th June 2011. The weather was poor but, we still had a good time. We would like to thank all those who braved the weather to attend.

Our main raffle prize "A Trip on the Greta Thames Sailing Barge" was won by Dave and Di they had a wonderful dayout.

Dave Greta Sailing Bargeand Di said," We had a brilliant seven hours at sea, full of interest and fun, with very congenial company. We took our grandson with us too. He enjoyed it so much that he didn’t want to get off at the end. Highlights for him were the seals we were taken to see and two, on board, cute little dogs."

We would like to thank the Greta's Skipper - Steve Norris for this generous raffle prize.

Click here to find out more about trips on the Greta Thames Sailing Barge.

SEN Strategy Review

Review of Special Educational Needs Strategy in Kent - Kent County Council is undertaking a review of SEN Strategy and Policy.

Click here for more information

Kent Parent Partnership Service News Letter

"Don't Call Me Stupid" Kara Tointon

If you were unable to see this excellent documentary about dyslexia you can still listen to Kara talk about why she made the programme and what she learnt from the experience.

Click here to see clips.

British Dyslexia Association New Technologies Committee's Website

This ICT website has many informative pages, whether you are a teacher, parent, adult dyslexic or employer you will find something of interest on this excellent site.

Click here to find out more.


Bedgebury Foundation

Bedgebury Foundation is a funding charity that awards grants primarily to individuals. Their Additional Needs programme is a programme where grants are offered to those with special needs or those who excel in a particular area. For example, the Foundation has paid for lap tops, specialised software, one to one tuition or group tuition for children with Dyslexia and has funded the training of three teachers to take Dyslexia Association courses. Children who are struggling with literacy may excel in other areas and they have funded tuition and equipment in areas such as music,drama and sport.

Application details can be found on their website

Awards are available in Kent.

Dyslexia House Association Launch and First AGM

Held its Launch and first AGM on Saturday 26th June. There was a good turnout, among those attending were Margaret and Jim Malpas joint Chairman of the British Dyslexia Association.




Education Show 16th to 18th March 2017 NEC Birmingham

Special Need Show London 7th and 8th October 2016

Bett Exhibition 25th January-28th January 2017 Excel .

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