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What is Visual Stress?

Coloured Overlays and Coloured Glasses

Some people with dyslexic difficulties experience visual disturbance or discomfort when reading print. They may experience one or several of the following:

In some cases any of these symptoms can significantly affect reading ability. It can also make reading very tiring. Of course a child will not necessarily recognise what they see as a problem, as this is how they always see text.

If a child complains of a least one of these problems or has difficulty at school, they should be referred to an optometrist or orthoptist with expertise in this particular field.

Many dyslexic people are sensitive to the glare of white backgrounds on a page, white board or computer screen. This can make the reading of text much harder.

The use of cream or pastel coloured backgrounds can mitigate this difficulty as can coloured filters either as an overlay or as tinted reading glasses.

People with reading difficulties sometimes have a weakness in eye co-ordination or focusing and an eyecare practitioner might recommend treating this with eye exercises or glasses. If these problems are present, they should be detected and treated before coloured filters are prescribed.

Source British Dyslexia Association

Coloured Reading Rulers

If you think you might be suffering from visual stress you might like to try using a coloured overlay before buying expensive coloured glasses. The coloured overlays reduce stress and make text easier to read. There are ten coloured reading rulers in a pack, they are the colours which research has found to be the most frequently beneficial.

Crossbow Reading Rulers

Where to go for a specialist eye assessment



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