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Where can I find a Tutor?

On our tutors page we have a list of tutors that can be contacted directly by phone or email. In addition to their contact details we also list the age group that they teach.

Some of the tutors have their own web page with more details about what they offer. See individual tutor's pages

Good tuition can make a huge difference to a dyslexic student, improving not just literacy and numeracy but self-esteem.

Please follow the links below to a tutor in your area. If you fall outside our catchment area and cannot get local support please contact us and we will put you in touch with your Local Dyslexic Association.

Whilst we require our tutors to provide us with evidence of all relevant SpLD certificates we strongly recommend and remind all parents or guardians it is their responsibility to check that their chosen tutor has the required CRB certificate (Criminal Record Bureau) before leaving minors alone for tuition.



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