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Employers and Dyslexia                                

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These web pages aim to provide an employer with the basic knowledge of what to do if an employee knows or suspects that they have dyslexia.

Employers have statutory responsibilities and DDA targets to meet.

Employers will be aware of equality and diversity impact measures and may be striving to gain awards such as ‘Investors In People’ or the 3 ticks for ‘Positive About Disability’ award.

Many people are wary of declaring their dyslexia to potential employers for fear of discrimination.

The web pages below aim to inform that decision in the light of changes to employment legislation.


Follow the link below to The British Dyslexia Association for more information for employers.

British Dyslexia Association Employers' Courses

How to be a Dyslexia Friendly Employer. The courses cover, Understanding Dyslexia, Making Reasonable Adjustments for Dyslexia and Screening for Dyslexia as well as Workplace Assessors Programme.

Click here for more details.

Dyslexia in the Workplace: An Introductory Guide

by Sylvia Moody and Diana Bartlett.

This is a comprehensive introduction to the subject which will be of interest to dyslexic employees and their managers, and to dyslexia and legal professionals. Click here for more information.

Dyslexia and Employment:A Guide for Assessors,Trainers and Managers

edited by Sylvia Moody. Click here for more information.


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