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College and University Support

Getting Help

  Disabled Students Allowance

Helpline Numbers 07 525 182 405 and 07 939 232 537

Study Skills and Coping Strategies

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If you are studing for a Level 1 or 2 Literacy Exam you might find this book useful

Edexcel Literacy Level 1 skills by Clare Constant

Dyslexia Screening and Diagnostic Assessments at College and University

Further Education

If you are at a further education college and think you might be dyslexic, make an appointment to see a member of the learning support team. Most Further Education Colleges offer students a screening service. If you are found to have a dyslexic profile you will probably be offered help with your studies and you may be eligible for exam concessions, such as extra time.

Further education colleges do not usually fund full diagnostic assessments, but if you are hoping to go on to University you might consider paying to have a private assessment. An assessment done after a student is sixteen will last for the rest of their life.

Higher Education

If you are applying for a place at University and you have been diagnosed as dyslexic or think you might be dyslexic, you need to have a full diagnostic assessment in order to apply for Disabled Students Allowance. This assessment must be done on, or after, your 16th birthday. Get in touch with the University you are hoping to attend and ask if they will fund or part fund this assessment. However, you may wish to pay to have a private assessment done so that the support you require is in place as soon as you start your course.

Getting an Assessment or Test for Visual Stress

Disabled Student Allowance Assessors in our Area Where can I be tested for Visual Stress?
Helpline Numbers 07 525 182 405 and 07 939 232 537


College and University Support in our Area

The following Universities and Colleges in our area provide support for dyslexic students. Click on a College or University below to find out what support they offer.

Canterbury College University of Greenwich
West Kent College Canterbury Christ Church
Mid-Kent College University of Kent
North West Kent Dartford University of the Creative Arts
Greenwich Community College  
Hadlow College  


The following Power Point presentation has some useful links with information about examination concessions on slides 22 to 27and the Disability and Discrimination Act and the Disabled Students' Allowance on slide 21.

Adult Power Point Presentation

Student Teachers

If you are training to be a teacher here are some links that you might find useful.

Link to Learn Phonics
Teaching Awards winner Edward Vickerman
Dyslexia Teacher Association Skills Test


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