The following Assessors can be contacted by phone or email. They provide some, or all, of the following:

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Age Range

Exam Concessions



Janet Kruger Primary, Secondary, College and University Yes Yes No
Penny Modena Primary No No No
Sarah Meredith All Yes Yes Yes
Jacqui Frances All Yes Yes Yes
Caroline Steward All Yes Yes Yes
Sarah McCahon All Yes Yes Yes
Janice McEwan Primary and Secondary Yes No No
Sheila Martin All Yes Yes Yes
Speech and Language Therapist
Sarah Clarke Nursery and School visits for Children No No No

See contact details below

Janet Kruger Tel: 07 757 771 748 janet [@]
Penny Modena Tel: 07 702 833 994 pennyjmodena [@]
Sarah Meredith Tel: 07 904 522 499 s.meredith104 [@]
Jacqui Frances Tel: 07 876 474 096
Caroline Steward Tel: 01634 372 658
Sarah McCahon Tel : 01342 714065
Janice McEwan Tel: 07434473328
Sheila Martin Tel: 07912144624
Speech and Language Therapist
Sarah Clarke Tel: 07898973570

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