Teresa Cohen

Cert Ed, PGDip ADDS, PGDip Special and Inclusive Education


I am a widely experienced lecturer and trainer in Further Education and a fully trained dyslexia specialist with many years experience of working with, supporting and assessing students in Further and Higher Education.

I have been responsible for coordinating the dyslexia provision within a large college and fully understand that dyslexia-friendly practice recognises the emotional and affective factors involved.

I hold a current PATOSS PracticingCertificate, which enables me to carry out assessments for Higher Education students in order for them to apply for DSA.

During the many years I spent in FE I came to realise how important it was for students to be assessed and how the confirmation of dyslexia had an enormous impact upon the learner. With the identification of dyslexia an entire change of self -perception may be necessary and while a diagnosis may bring comfort in providing an explanation, it is not always easy to adjust and students may not automatically understand the characteristics of their particular dyslexia. It is important to ensure that students understand how their dyslexia impacts on them and how they can best be supported.